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Distance Learning Resources from Friends

As we navigate distance learning in our schools during the coronavirus pandemic, many of our CADA sponsors, affiliates, and friends are providing free resources to help during this time. Check them out! 

CADA Webinar & Zoom Events

CADA Zoom Event:
Training, Orientations & Retreats

Monday, June 1 at 7:00pm Pacific
Register at this link

Description: We are all unsure about what the fall will bring for our schools. However, we are certain that our students will look to us to help them build community and school spirit. As we welcome the next classes to campus, we need to create ways we can connect with them -- whether it be virtually or in person. Engaging our students and building community from day one is still the priority. Join us as we again discuss how we can continue to do that -- given the uncertainty that currently surrounds us. Come hear from CADA sponsors The The Boomerang ProjectPhil Boyte (Learning for Living), and Johan Khalilian, as well as CADA's own Leadership Development Coordinator, Sandra Kurland, Area H Lead, Denise van Doorn, and CADA Member and HS Activities Director Christina Hillman. We will discuss ways to welcome our new class of students and student leaders for an exciting 2020-2021 school year! 

Register At this Link!

CADA Zoom Event:
Training, Orientations & Retreats

Video | Slideshow

Description: With so much uncertainty about what comes next for our schools, one thing is certain: we have new teams of student leaders who will need training, and new students to our school with whom we want to engage and connect. How do we do all that while still keeping ourselves, our students, and our families safe? Hear ways to onboard our new class of students and student leaders for the 2020-2021 school year.

Panelists: Laura Saldana, Jeff Culver, Petra Davis-Johnson, The "Amazing" Tei Street, Erin Tobias, and Scott Backovich with facilitators Ron Ippolito and Allison Gadeke.

Recorded May 18, 2020
Now available at 
CADALeaders YouTube channel

CADA Zoom Event: 
Honoring the Class of 2020 - Large High School Edition 

Video | Slideshow

Description: A follow-up to our previous Zoom event with a specific focus on high schools with a graduating class of 500 or more students

Panelists: Dallas Moon (Herff Jones), Paul Chylinski, Mark Dover, Tracie Priske, Bonnie Bagheri, Jessica Banchieri, and TIffany Kress with facilitators Ron Ippolito and Jeff Culver.  

Recorded April 29, 2020.
Now available at 
CADALeaders YouTube channel

CADA Zoom Event:
Honoring the Class of 2020

View High School:
Video | Slideshow

View Middle School:
Video |  Slideshow

ENVOLVE Resources from
Scott Backovich

Description: During this Zoom event, panelists share great ideas to recognize both our eighth graders and our seniors during separate level-specific discussions.

High school panelists: Dr. Richard Noblett, Stacie Martin, Margie Reed, Jill Mortensen, Derek Sage (SOS Entertainment), and facilitator Jeff Culver. 

Middle school panelists: Melissa LeFevre, Scott Backovich (ENVOLVE), Monique Walton, Lindsey Charron, Bill Battaglia, Allison Gadeke, and facilitator Ron Ippolito. 

Recorded April 20, 2020.
Now available at 
CADALeaders YouTube channel

CADA Video Webinar:
Social Media Hacks:
Sheltering in Place, Together


Presentation slides and other resources: 

Description: How do you create and support school culture when you can't even be at school? Do it with the power of social media. Join Dan Bowen (Leadership Teacher, Dougherty Valley HS) and Travis Bell (Principal, Acalanes HS) as they share social media hacks, how to engage your audience, and strategies to ensure you have administrative and district support for your online presence.

Recorded April 7, 2020. 
Now available at 
CADALeaders YouTube channel

CADA Video Webinar:
Supporting Campus Culture
During Distance Learning


Presentation notes available on Google Slides (view Speaker Notes below each slide)

Description: Some CADA members are gearing up for distance learning, while others are already in the thick of it, learning as we go. Join your fellow CADA members as we sort through online leadership lessons, online elections, online meetings with student leaders, and more!

Recorded April 1, 2020.
Now available at
CADALeaders YouTube channel.


CADA Activity Directors Google Classroom

Join the CADA Google Classroom to share and find resources and lesson ideas. 
To join, you must use a PERSONAL Google account. The code will not work with a school district issued "Google for Education" account. 

Classroom code: 2z4ts7v (Personal Google accounts only...see above)

The 2020 CASL State Conference...virtual!

Recorded events are available on the schedule page at the conference website. A great opportunity to share content with your students, create discussions, and set strategic plans for the quarantine and the upcoming school year. 

National Student Council (NatStuCo) | Virtual 2020 National Conference
June 22-24

While student council delegations may no longer be traveling to Denver this summer, virtual attendees will still enjoy many of the benefits of the in-person experience as they push their leadership to new heights. The new online conference will take place on the same days as the original event and will feature peer networking, nationally renowned speakers, breakout sessions with small groups, tailored leadership workshops, and much more. Eaglecrest High School student leaders will still be our hosts, calling on you and your students to “Rise Up and Lead.”

By making the conference free for all attendees this year, NatStuCo will be able to welcome more delegates, both advisers and students, from all corners of the country and beyond. Your whole council can attend! With your help and participation, this can be the biggest National Student Council Conference ever!

CADA Platinum Sponsors
Varsity Brands - Believe in You

Varsity Brands | Believe in You Series

Watch season one of the Believe in You series in which Kevin Atlas issues a call to action to provide students the crucial first step toward creating a positive impact on their world. Each episode lasts for eight to eleven minutes and is accompanied by lesson plans and activity guides to take the conversation further and spark critical thinking.

Herff Jones Yearbook Coloring Pages

Herff Jones | Yearbook Coloring Pages

Unwind with with some therapeutic coloring pages, but always keep that yearbook deadline in the back of your mind. 





Lifetouch | Yearbook Resources
Free Resources for Yearbook Advisers

  • Digital Resources – COVID-19 copyright-free images, page spread ideas and curriculum
  • Educational Webinars through April – how to cover Coronavirus in yearbooks, design techniques, typography trends, and more.
  • Social post ideas for yearbook advisers to get students involved in the yearbook

Teen Truth | Teen Truth 365 (in partnership with Lifetouch)

A new SEL program created to deepen distance learning efforts.  This program features free virtual school assemblies and optional paid live interactive ZOOM classes with Teen Truth speakers.

Professional Learning Board | PD for Online Learning (in partnership with Lifetouch)

Waterboy Graphics | Webinar: Effects of School Branding (in partnership with Lifetouch)
Tuesday, April 21 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (2:00 p.m. Central Time)

Waterboy Graphics partners with schools on branding and graphic identity that support a school’s culture, encourages school spirit, develops a higher level of safety and security, and more. Waterboy Graphics is offering a free webinar on the “The Effects of School Branding on Staff, Students, and Beyond.”  Register here: Beyond the Brand - Webinar Registration

CADA Silver Sponsors

Work2BeWell from #ICANHELP

#ICANHELP | Work2BeWell

After receiving countless requests for resources on mental health and digital wellness, a group of nonprofit partners joined together to create and share valuable tools, lessons, and more. Work2BeWell was made possible due to a partnership between Providence, Well Being Trust, and #ICANHELP.

#ICANHELP | Idea Collection
Google Doc with growing list of ideas

Jostens | Graduation Friday: Protect the Ceremony

In this weekly series on Facebook Live, Jostens Renaissance educator community members share a different angle on how schools and districts are choosing to handle graduation. April 3rd addressed the importance of protecting the ceremony itself as plans are being made for the rest of the year. April 10, they will explore virtual options for graduation.

Jostens | The Harbor Video Series

Their entire library of over 160 episodes of The Harbor by Jostens and guided discussion questions are available to the public for free. For access, visit JostensRenaissance.com and log in using the case-sensitive username and password, JOSTENS. Please note that episodes released during the current school year have the option for Spanish closed captioning. 

Kustom Imprints | Zoom Background Images

Something FREE and fun! Here are 50 different ZOOM virtual background images. ALL Images have the proper aspect ratio of 16:9 and have a screen resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.

Just right click the backdrop image your want – select Save image as… – and save in a folder.

CADA Copper Sponsors

California Canopy | Podcast & Discounts
Unity is Community Podcast
(EP #6 "Leadership") featuring CADA favorite Don Skaggs! 

See CADA Promotions Here

 VIDEO: CADA Highlights: Carnival Style Duck Hunt>>>

Houston Kraft 30 Days of Kindness

Houston Kraft, CharacterStrong | Kindness Journal

Kindness Practice will be available every day for at least 30 days - and ALL of them can be done even if you can't leave home. Take 10 minutes or less each day to give yourself, your community, and this world a daily dose of generosity, connection, empathy, and love. 

CharacterStrong has also pulled together some additional incredible digital resources to help you navigate through these tough times at 

Joe Beckman, Happy Caveman Human Connection Hub

Joe Beckman, Happy Caveman | Human Connection Hub

Access Joe's Hub for free through June 30, 2020. Watch his YouTube video explaining the Human Connection Hub and access an example video, too!

Dr. Laymon Hicks | Game Plan Lessons
Download the Game Plan Lessons pdf

Thirteen lessons from Virtual 2020 CASL State Conference opening keynote speaker Dr. Laymon Hicks. 

Learning for Living/Phil Boyte | Weekly Facebook Live Sessions
Every Thursday in April at 1:00 p.m. Pacific/4:00 p.m. Eastern

Join Phil Boyte on FACEBOOK LIVE every THURSDAY in APRIL! Join the Private Facebook Group "School Culture by Design".

TOPIC: How we can BUILD CONNECTIONS in this VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT in the context of the book he authored, “SCHOOL CULTURE BY DESIGN.”  Don’t have the book? It’s ok, you can still join and follow along!


Scott Backovich, ENVOLVE Schools | In Session

Free weekly video series designed to help your students create phenomenal student activities. Four weeks, four lessons.

Scott Backovich, ENVOLVE Schools | Student Activities During School Closures

Access a running list of activities your ASB/Student Council program can use immediately to foster positive culture and engagement. 

Coffee with Tei The "Amazing" Tei Street | Coffee with Tei


Join CADA 2020 keynote speaker The "Amazing" Tei Street as she sits down to share some insights about life. Past videos are available on her YouTube channel. 
Live with WE Schools

WE | Live with WE Schools, hosted by Spencer West

A daily online program to educate, engage and inspire, hosted by renowned speaker, Spencer West, who will be joined by teachers, experts and others for one hour of free educational and inspiring content to help keep youth, educators and parents connected to the larger WE community. Airs daily at 10:00 a.m. Pacific via Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/WEmovement/

WE | Well Being Toolkit

The non-stop news coverage and social media posts, combined with social distancing, can cause feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Self-isolation or quarantine may separate us from friends, family and other support systems, and our self-care routines have no doubt already been disrupted. It’s in times like these that we recognize the importance of looking after our own well-being and the well-being of others. That’s why we’ve put together this toolkit for you, in the hopes that it will help. Find downloadable resources to inform and support you and your family during this uncertain time. We’re all in this together and we’ll get through this—together.

CADA Affiliates

Patrick Maurer | Virtual Team Building Activities
Link to Activities

A collection of 20 team building activities that can work in a video conferencing set-up. From whole group to breakout room options. Check out this collection of ideas compiled by Patrick Maurer. 

My School Dance | Virtual Prom Live
Saturday nights, April 18 - May 9, 2020

Prom 2020 is back on all across America this spring in your own home! Virtual Prom Live, totally FREE thanks to sponsors, is giving students everywhere the opportunity to join up together with 1,000’s of other students and some of the best DJ talent across every area of the US. Register now to make sure your spot is held! #SaveProm

Friends of CADA and Other Great Resources

Character Lab | Actionable advice for parents and teachers—based on science.

Playbooks: Evidence-based ways to build character in kids. They continue to make enhancements, so visit again soon!

LaVonna Roth | Ignite Your Shine Courses

2017 CADA Camps keynote speaker LaVonna Roth is providing free access to her Ignite Your Shine online courses for a limited time. 

Escape Adulthood

Jason Kotecki, Escape Adulthood | Taking Down the Coronavirus!

Join CADA 2018 keynote speaker Jason Kotecki is providing a number of tools to help you treat Adultitis as we all work to take down the coronavirus together. Free downloads (including Jason's book A Chance of Awesome), a daily live show, Coffee with Kim & Jason at 3:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time, thank you cards, coloring pages, and other helpful posts. 

Self Care Podcasts recommended by Patrick Maurer:

STAYING IN WITH EMILY & KUMAIL (available on all places to get podcasts)
Hollywood Reporter article about this podcast
Their basic love story was told in the movie THE BIG SICK. Because of her condition they've had to quarantine more than the average person. They share a bunch of ideas and recommendations on how to do it--in a really funny, candid way. I've listened to the first two. Great podcast

THE HAPPINESS LAB with Dr Laurie Santos (available on all places to get podcasts).
Famous for her popular Yale course on podcast--Dr. Laurie Santos has a podcast version of it. In the past few weeks she's released special Covid podcasts. Science based and very informative with practical tips

Teaching Tolerance | Speaking Up Against Racism Around the New Coronavirus
Link to Teaching Tolerance Article

The spread of the new coronavirus has become racialized, so it’s critical that educators understand the historical context and confront racist tropes and xenophobia from students and colleagues.

Greater Good Magazine | Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus
Link to Guide

Practices, resources, and articles for individuals, parents, and educators facing COVID-19.


Are you a CADA partner offering free resources during this time? Send your website link to Jeff Culver at jculver@cadaboard.org and we will share it here!

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