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Summer Leadership Camps

A summer student leadership training, brought to you by CADA/CASL Leadership Camps will be held virtually July 13-17, 2020. Registration is now open, click here to register!

COVID-19 STATEMENT: 2020 in-person Summer Leadership Camps have been cancelled due to social distancing mandates.  

A virtual summer training opportunity will be available July 13-17, 2020. Full details available below!

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Meet our 2020 Keynote Speakers

Joe Beckman: Happy Caveman


Joe Beckman: Happy Caveman!
     Hi! I'm Joe! Our schools are experiencing an unprecedented shift. Student loneliness is at an all-time high, while self worth and belonging are at all-time lows. And the culprit is a lack of human connection.
     Over the last 15+ years I’ve spoken in educational settings all over the world with one simple mission… to reclaim human connection. Whether it’s a middle school in Minneapolis, a professional development workshop in Montana, or an international conference in Malaysia…people are craving connection.
     It’s only when we stop and slow down and truly listen to each other’s stories, that we can course correct, and give our youth the best chance to leave their mark on this world.

Dillon Mendes


Dillon Mendes
     Dillon was your average student when he was in high school. He did well enough to keep his parents happy, but was not focused on the right aspects of life. He was indulged in social media, trying to win the popularity contest and following the status quo. Long story short, Dillon did whatever his peers did… that was until he had a pivoting conversation with his parents at the end of grade 11. They shared their experience of immigrating to Canada in order to give their children a better life. After this conversation, Dillon made a decision that he was going to step outside of his box, be his authentic self and give back to his community. 


Lori L. Hayes:
Building an Army of Leaders!

     Lori L Hayes can be described using three words: Relevant, Real and Raw.  Drawing from over 20 years in education, Lori L says the things that need to be said in a manner that audiences can relate and begin to make necessary life changes.  She uses her comedic personalty to engage students and inspire them to achieve greatness using a direct approach.  
     As the wife of a high school administrator, mother, former classroom teacher and Student Activities Coordinator, Lori L has first hand knowledge to be able to relate to students, parents, faculty and administration.  Her creativity affords her the skills necessary to create engaging and fun programs while delivering the message that we each have a responsibility to achieve greatness in order to fulfill our purpose in this world.  She has purposed in her life to recruit students, parents, teachers, administrators and anyone willing to challenge themselves into Building an Army of Leaders.

CADA/CASL Summer Leadership Camps:

  • Are a great setting to develop personal and interpersonal skills.
  • Help to ensure future success in high school, college and the 21st century work force.
  • Are staffed by professional and credentialed educators.
  • Have been training California student leaders since 1984.

CADA/CASL Camp Helps Your Students to Become...

  • Dynamic Student Leaders
  • Well-rounded team players
  • Creative Problem Solvers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Successful Presenters
  • Visionary Planners
  • Prepared for College & Career Studies

After acquiring these skills your student leaders will be prepared to promote a positive school climate, involving and connecting more students on your campus.

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