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Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's related to virtual camp program

What's the difference between Premium & Standard Training?

Premium training more closely mirrors our traditional in-person camp program. Students will have an opportunity to work directly with other students in the camp program on a council project, under the guidance of an adult council leader (a CADA member from another school). In addition, there will be sessions provided just for our Premium campers, too!  Think of your main officers and leaders with big responsibilities for the coming year for the premium training. Your students registered for the Premium level should also display a strong commitment to your leadership program and a willingness to devote their time during camp week to "going all-in!" These students should expect to be "cameras on" and ready to network and collaborate each day. 

The Standard Training is available for your "up and coming" student leaders, who may be new to your program or perhaps have other commitments during camp week, where they will not be able to devote as much time to camp activities. Sessions will be primarily in the afternoon hours and include more "watching and learning" like one would at a conference, rather than hands-on collaborating that the premium level training involves. 

From the Camp Coordinator: I typically took 16 student leaders to camp each summer. In the virtual format, I would have sent those 16 to premium and then opened up the opportunity for the rest of my leaders to attend the standard training to be able to walk away from our week of summer training and bonding to have a common experience to build from. 

We are still early in our election process. I don't know which students to send to camp! What should I do?

Camp registration is a 2-step process. Step 1 is to reserve your school's spots in the program. You can do that now, and start talking up Camp to your student leaders to get them excited about summer. Student information needs to be submitted by June 17, which should give you plenty of time to finish your election cycle and students to figure out their availability in mid-July. 

My students and I are pretty Zoom-fatigued right now...

One of the benefits of camp is it's in mid-July, so most students and teachers will have had a 4-6 week break from "online school components" by the time it starts. The energy and excitement we felt from students last summer after their early summer break was amazing. And advisors were excited to get together to collaborate and come up with tangible ideas to start the new year. Everyone was able to form a support system to help navigate the new year. After hosting numerous virtual events this year, our CADA & CASL attendees have come away from the conferences, webinars, and conventions rejuvenated and excited for their next steps. We do not doubt that our camp attendees will have the same feelings this July!

I have a question!

Questions about virtual camp? Send an email to camp@cadaboard.org. 

FAQ's related to our traditional in-person Camp Program

How will I know if my students completed the Online Information Form?

We will organize the submitted entries and notify advisors by email of missing students. Emails will come from camp@cadaboard.org. Please make sure that address is in your address book to avoid emails being sent to spam/junk mail. After submitting the Online Information Form, an email from Google Forms "forms-receipts-noreply@google.com" will be sent to the email address provided on the form. You should also ask your students to forward or show that email to you for verification purposes.

What do I do if a student is no longer going to camp and I want to replace that student?

Send an email to Jeff Culver at camp@cadaboard.org with the name of the student to remove and the name of the new student attending. After the end of May, the replacement student must be of the same gender. Then have the new student complete the Online Information Form. After the end of May, there is no guarantee that t-shirt size can be changed.

What if I have students back out of going to camp, but have nobody to replace them?

Contact CADA Central at 831-464-4891 as soon as possible. In the event of a waiting list situation, this may open up an opportunity to allow a school/students to attend camp who otherwise would not able to due to a sell-out situation. Also email Jeff Culver at camp@cadaboard.org to let him know which student to remove from the main list.

What if I have a student back out of going to camp and I wish to sell that spot to another school already going to camp?

If this situation arises, please let Jeff Culver know, so we can adjust the numbers and information on our end prior to camp starting. You can then handle the exchange of funds school to school. No need to process through CADA Central.

What time does camp start? End?

Be sure to read through the Code of Conduct & Camp Information document for answers to these questions and LOTS more. But check-in starts at 11:00 a.m. on the first day of camp. At this time, you and your students will rotate through the check-in tables, obtain your room keys, drop off luggage, grab lunch, and enjoy check-in activities. The structured program begins at 1:30 p.m.   On the last day of camp, structured activities will end at 11:15 a.m. (SCU & UCSB High School) and 12:30 p.m. (UCSB Middle School). Please schedule transportation to leave after 11:15 (SCU & UCSB High School) or 12:30 p.m (UCSB Middle School). *Note: A revised AmTrak schedule has the train departing Goleta at 12:35 p.m. We will accommodate any UCSB Middle School group taking that train.  

The Camp Document says you're not collecting key deposits, but there's a form to collect key deposits. Which is it?

CADA/CASL will NOT collect key deposits. The form is available for you if YOU choose to collect the deposits from your students. If you or one of your students loses a key and you did NOT collect key deposits, we will give you an invoice on site for your school to pay the $60 (UCSB) or $15 (SCU). If you or one of your students loses a key and you DID collect deposits, you can give us the deposit on the last day of camp to cover the fee.

What is the process for the Medical Forms?

To streamline the medical form process and eliminate the need to send items in the mail, you need to have your students complete the medical form and make a second copy. At Camp check-in, you will provide our Camp office staff with one copy of the medical form per student. We will keep that on file in the Camp office. The second copy will be folded and inserted inside the student's name badge holder. We also recommend adults complete the medical form, so we have information on file in case of an emergency.

When can I see the final Camp Schedule?

The final camp schedule will be available shortly before camp begins on the CADA/CASL Events mobile app. Attendees will also receive a hard copy of the schedule during check-in. In the meantime, sample schedules for both middle school and high school are available on the Camp Information Document

Jeff Culver
Summer Leadership Camp Coordinator

CADA Central-Initial School Registration Issues
3121 Park Avenue, Suite C
Soquel, CA 95073
Call/Text: (831) 464-4891
Fax: (831) 576-1515
Web: www.cada1.org www.casl1.org

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