Camp Staff

2019 Camp Staff Application is now available. Please submit application by April 1; Preliminary staff matrix will be emailed out by May 1.

Convention Staff Meeting Presentation Slides

Camp staff members need to have:
-Commitment to students
-Sense of humor, flexibility and stamina
-Willingness to be a participatory role model
-A member of CADA and an interest in student activities
-Valid CA Teaching Credential for Council Leader & Director positions
-Ideally, individuals with experience as an Activities Director will hold Council Leader positions
-At least 18 years of age

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Culver at or (661) 492-3202.

Meet the 2019 Admin Team

Jeff Culver
Camp Coordinator

photo Paul Chylinski
Loara High School
Camp Logistics Director
  Monica Anderson
Nipomo High School
Camp Adult Director
  Ron Ippolito
Rio Norte Junior High School
Camp Media/Technology Director
  Todd Arrowsmith
West Ranch High School
Camp Operations Director
  Laura Saldana
Westmont High School
Camp Curriculum Director
2019 Curriculum Team
  Jessica Banchieri
Heritage High School
  Christina Hillman
Branham High School
  Farrah Rigo-Witt
Don Lugo High School
Meet the Camp Staff
  Glenn Alejandrino, Council Leader
  Monica Anderson, Adult Director/Adult Council Leader/Council Leader/Office Staff
  Todd Arrowsmith, Operations Director
  Jessica Banchieri, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader/Curriculum
  Bonnie Bagheri, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader
  Laura Beers, Council Leader
  Paul Chylinski, Logistics Director/Council Leader/Camp Director
  Steven Clavijo, Videographer
  Raven Coit, Council Leader
  Melissa Collette, Office Staff/Security
  Jeff Culver, Camp Coordinator/Council Leader/Adult Council Leader
  Jill Culver, Office Staff/Security
  Jose Duenas, Council Leader/Operations Assistant
  Melissa Edsall, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader/Curriculum/Camp Director
  Lauretta Eldridge, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader
  Marciano Flores, Council Leader
  Jo Forsyth, Council Leader
  Allison Gadeke, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader/Curriculum
  Julie Gibson, Council Leader
  Jimmy Gleich, Council Leader
  Leah Grant, Council Leader
  Angie Guerra, Council Leader/Office Staff
  Kevin Harris, Council Leader
  Michelle Hendrix, Council Leader
  Preston Hickert, Media Assistant
  Christina Hillman, Council Leader/Curriculum
  Al Hopgood, Council Leader
  Joe Hurtado, Council Leader/Operations Assistant
  Shannon Hurtado, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader/Camp Director
  Ron Ippolito, Media Technology Director/Council Leader/Camp Director
  Delaney Johnson, Media Assistant
  Verne Johnson, Council Leader/Media Technology Director/Camp Director
  Kara Johnson, Council Leader/Office Staff
  Kim Karr, Council Leader/Camp Director
  Karen Lamb, Council Leader
  Jessi Lindell, Council Leader
  Isaac Lopez, Council Leader
  Larry Lopez, Council Leader/Camp Director
  John Lucero, Council Leader/Curriculum
  Ruben Martinez, Council Leader
  Ben Martinez, Council Leader
  Joe McMahon, Council Leader
  Geniel Moon, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader/Camp Director
  Margie Reed, Office Staff/Security
  Farrah Rigo-Witt, Council Leader/Curriculum/Camp Director
  Anna Ripken, Office Staff/Security
  Janet Roberts, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader/Curriculum/Camp Director
  Laura Saldana, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader/Curriculum/Camp Director
  Stu Shaffer, Presenter
  Ruth Simonds, Council Leader
  MJ Smith, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader
  Bryan Speed, Council Leader/Curriculum
  Corissa Stobing, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader/Media Technology Director
  Le Ann Straehle, Council Leader
  Vanessa Tharp, Council Leader
  Erin Tobias, Council Leader/Adult Council Leader
  Ryan Wakefield, Council Leader
  Lisa Walters, Council Leader
  Fran Whitney, Office Staff


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