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Area Service Award

The Area Service Award is presented each year for overall contributions to CADA. These people should have been active on the Area Council, summer camp program, as a state officer, as a presenter at area conferences or state conventions.

2020 CADA Area Service Award Recipients 

AREA A: Leah Darby, Concord High school

Leah Darby has been a member of the Area A Council, a presenter at Area conferences, and has been using the Levels of Leadership with her students. Leah is described as working 200% at everything she does for her students, staff, school, and community. She created a Leadership Exchange program ten years ago which started with six schools and 100 students. It has grown to 14 schools and almost 300 students. Everything Leah does, she does with precision, vision, and passion. Leah provides her students with opportunities such as attending CASL and CADA Camp. Leah has encouraged her students to become CASL State Board members and Leah became a camp staff member in order to continue to learn more about programs that would help her students and her school. Leah is always willing to share ideas, lessons, and events with anybody that needs help. She is always looking for new ways to improve her program, our council, and she  believes strongly in servant leadership. We, the Area A Council, are honored to have Leah Darby as our Area Service Award Winner.

AREA B: Christina Carreras, Union Middle School 

Christina Carreras was born and raised in San Jose California. She went to school at Chico State University before returning to teach in her hometown. She worked her first few years as a middle school English, History, and Leadership teacher at Sylvandale Middle School. This is where she learned about the Area B Student Conference and the CASL state conference. As a new teacher to student activities she began taking her students to these opportunities. After attending her first CADA in San Diego, she was enthusiastic about the organization and looked for ways to become more involved. She quickly joined the Area B Council where she has become involved in helping to put on the annual Area B student conference. Six years ago she switched districts and began teaching as a seventh grade history teacher along with becoming the activities director at Union Middle School. Last summer, Christina, joined the CADA camp staff in a continued effort to learn more about student activities and serve the CADA organization that has become such an important part of her teaching life. She continues to live in San Jose with her wonderful husband Desmond and her fantastic dog Dodger.

AREA C: Ronnie Scott, Sanger High School

Ronnie Scott has been married to his wife Vanessa for almost 21 years. They have three children: Harrison(11th), Mallory(10th), and Mackenzie(7th). He has been the Activities Director at Sanger High since 2004. Prior to that, he taught history at the school, since 2001. He absolutely loves his job, and there is nothing he would rather be doing. He was thrilled to win the Bob Burton Spirit award in 2015 and was fortunate to be able to go to one of Bob’s seminars at state convention, here the most valuable thing he learned was that if he walk past a piece of trash on campus, then he has no pride in his school. He still teaches that to this day. He is proud to serve on the council of Area C, and he thanks them for honoring him with this very special award.

AREA E: Todd Arrowsmith, West Ranch High School

Todd Arrowsmith is currently beginning his 16th year working in Student Activities at West Ranch High School, where he was the Activities Director for 13 Years and now serves as the Link Crew Coordinator. Todd served as Director of Student Activities for six years at Saugus High School and served as a teacher and Activities Director at Sierra Vista Junior High School for five years before that. Todd serves as Director of Operations for the CADA High School/Middle School Camps. In 2011, Todd received The Bob Burton Spirit Award from Area E. He currently serves on the Area E Council. Todd serves on the CIF Southern Section Executive Committee as the Activities Director Representative.

AREA F: Lindsey Charron, Horace Ensign Intermediate School

Lindsey Charon joined CADA 12 years ago, and Lindsey has done nothing short of giving her all to activities at her school and to CADA. She has been an active Area F council member for the past 10 years while serving as the CADA State Public Information Director the last 5 years. Her leadership is evident in the new ideas she has shared with all people CADA through her Instagram and Facebook posts, inspiring all of us who follow her to raise our programs up through the celebration of other activity directors. In addition to the service award, Lindsey was also just named the California State Social Studies Middle School Teacher of the Year.

AREA G: joe gizzo, meadowbrook middle School 

Throughout his 20 year career, all at Meadowbrook Middle School in Poway, CA, Joe Gizzo has continually worked to provide a safe place for students to learn and grow, where relevant, rigorous, and high-quality education meets individual student interests & needs. Joe teaches award-winning Digital Photography, Yearbook, and Technology courses at his school, but his true passion lies in Leadership. For most of his career, Joe has been the ASB Advisor/Leadership teacher at Meadowbrook. He took a once-a-week ASB club and grew it into an award-winning, full-year Leadership course. Much of the focus in Joe’s class is on building empathy in student leaders with a heavy emphasis on service learning. Joe believes that students engaged in service learning today will grow into our philanthropists of tomorrow and help to create a society where everyone is welcomed, valued, and respected. For the last decade Joe has been presenting on service learning, as well as other topics, at the CADA/CASL State and Area Conferences. Joe also serves as an active member of the Area G Council.

Joe’s students consistently win awards, including, CADA/CASL Outstanding Activities and Leadership Program awards and recently the first-ever CASL Service Award. Joe is no stranger to awards himself, earning the Bob Burton Spirit Award in 2014, SD County Fair Teacher of the year 2019, School Site & Poway Unified District Teacher of the Year, being honored as one of San Diego County’s top Teachers of the Year, and recently being named Teen Ink’s Educator of the Year, an award he was nominated for by one of his past ASB students. What is truly remarkable is Joe has ccomplished all he has while battling a rare & incurable auto-immune disease. His story is truly inspirational for students and teachers alike.

Past Area Service Award Recipients





2020 Leah Darby Christina Carreras Ronnie Scott
2019 Jill Mortensen l Jessica Banchieri Jessica BanchieriJessica BanchieriJessica Banchieri Larry Lopez Néstor Cerda
2018 Leah Grant Michael Simon Angie Guerra
2017 Corissa Stobing Stephanie Gibson Melissa Bangerter
2016 Kristin Patten Joanna Butcher Erin Tobias
2015 Craig Grivel Kelly Todd Isaac Lopez
2014 Tamara Givens Monique Walton Adrienne Nau
2013 Lori Sato Francis Rojas Julie Larrivee
2012 Melissa Edsall Melissa Foster Kevin Harris
2011 Bill Williams Laura Castro Leslie Loewen
2010 Kim Karr Lorraine Martinez Joseph McMahon
2009 Matt Soeth Tanya Rianda Mary Alice Orin
2008 Bill Battaglia Bonnie Kay-Calder Teresa Hutson
2007 Allison Gadeke Tracy Walker Brooke Slayton
2006 Carrie Stepp Cindy Bader Lauretta Eldridge
2005 Jack Ziegler Eileen Beckley Carol Holland
2004 Tom Palmer Addison Jones Stella Kidd
2003 Suzy Krzaczek Ken Barber Julie Peterson
2002 Linda Cooper Derek Padilla Shelly Henderson
2001 Dave Larson Mike White Radon Fortenberry
2000 Patty Judge Diane Burbank Linda Veach
1999 Ron Jones Cheryl Kuhlmann Matt Mueller




2020 N/A Todd Arrowsmith Lindsey Charron
2019 Mark Dover Kara Johnson Dinah Greene
2018 Chelsea Warner Alex Cervantes Cari Strange
2017 Julie Brusa Valerie Vera-Mineer Ken Nedler
2016 Laurel Gast Terri Wood Michael A. Pattison
2015 Lisa Walton Farrah Rigo-Witt Petra Davis
2014 Darlene Johnson Kyle Svobada Geniel Moon
2013 Joe Hurtado Jeff Culver Randy Jensen
2012 Leigh Cambra Richard Noblett Jeff Cornelius
2011 Shannon Hurtado Angel Ceniseroz Mary Jane Smith
2010 Christy Hertsch Ron Ippolito Jason Kaylor
2009 Carol Cook Leslie Phillips Linda Westfall
2008 Jennifer Duston Dee Varela Ron Inman
2007 Becky Kasper Kelli Baumunk Jennifer Graves
2006 Jim Johnson Lynda Richardson Judy Wilson
2005 Kevin Lorch Kathy Stewart Curt Chase
2004 Chuck Norian Robin Ramirez Patricia Holt
2003 Rick Kent Janet Roberts Jeanne Ellis
2002 Wendy Henchy Ron Capps Dave Adams
2001 Monica Anderson Mark Lantz Linda Williamson
2000 Jose Duenas Tony Ortega Paul Chylinski
1999 Steve Hirt Deborah Weiss Jerry Halpin


2020 Joe Gizzo    
2019 Judy Zazvrskey    
2018 Brittani Siracusa    
2017 Toshimi Minami    
2016 Danny Kung    
2015 Carol Cultrera    
2014 Tj Carr    
2013 Christina DeSanto    
2012 Denise van Doorn    
2011 Alex Villalobos    
2010 Jeremy Hersch    
2009 Daniel Camacho    
2008 Laurie Norcross    
2007 Casey McKibbin    
2006 Craig Lyon    
2005 JJ Barlow    
2004 Sandy Kurland    
2003 Ida Williams    
2002 Marie Cashion    
2001 Robert Weldon    
2000 Valerie Kear-Gold    
1999 Betty A. Peterson    
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