Area Service Award

The Area Service Award is presented each year for overall contributions to CADA. These people should have been active on the Area Council, summer camp program, as a state officer, as a presenter at area conferences or state conventions.

2018 CADA Area Service Award Recipients 


AREA A: Leah Grant, Millennium High school

Leah serves as the Student Activities Director at Millennium Charter High School in Tracy. She has been a CADA Member for the past five years. Leah serves CADA as an Area Council Member. She has presented at both Area A student conferences, advisor conference, and the CADA State Convention. She has also hosted Area A “Meet and Greets” and contributes her ideas to the @CADALeaders social media pages and CADA Newsletter. She offers support, encouragement, and help to those who have needed extra care. There is no one on the council who has shown more effort and energy on behalf of the area than Leah. She is truly one of a kind.

AREA B: Michael Simon, Westmoor High School 

Michael Simon has been a member of CADA for eight years and is proud to have attended every convention and Area student conference each of those years. Michael has presented at the Area B Student Conference and Advisor Conference, and has helped coordinate LDD's for his district and area the last three years. He has been a member of the Area Council for the last five years. He earned his Master Activity Advisor (MAA) certification in 2013. Michael's singular focus with student activities is to create a culture for all students to be engaged and feel a part of their school. He works with his students tirelessly to be inclusive and welcoming to all members of the school and district community.

AREA C: Angie Guerra, Washington Intermediate School

Angie has been part of the Area C Council for the past 6 years. She is involved in the planning of conferences, from the Area C Student Conference to the Area table at the State Convention.  She is also involved in CADA Camps and serves as a council leader each summer.  This year she was also a representative in the CADA Camps booth at the State Convention.

AREA D: Chelsea Warner, Monterey High school

Chelsea Warner has worked hard to change the culture at Monterey High. Student involvement with the emphasize on inclusion for all has been her main focus. Along with the support from her admin team, Chelsea has grown the leadership class, the amount of clubs offered at her site, and started an intramural program. Chelsea is the Link coordinator, the Restorative Justice program lead, the Activities Director and Athletic Director. Chelsea's students participate in the Area D Student Conference every year. Her ASB officers have attended CADA Camps, CASL, and have hosted an LDD for MPUSD.  Next year Chelsea plans on focusing on Staff SPIRIT to use staff as spirit models for students. Overall, Chelsea is proud to be an Activities Director and proud to be a part of CADA!

AREA E: Alex Cervantes, Sierra Vista Jr. High School

Alejandra E. Cervantes a.k.a. Alex Cervantes. Recovering ASB Director of 6 years at Olive MS, current Assistant Principal of 5 years at Sierra Vista Junior High. Enjoys long walks down school hallways to support ASB Directors and student leaders. Enjoys traveling on school academic incentive field trips. Has not been to Knott’s Berry Farm, Scandia, Disneyland and local bowling alleys with students and staff enough times, yet. Enjoys dancing to the Cupid Shuffle at rallies and kick off assemblies more than her students would like her to. Never tires of junior high school student attitudes, antics and overall knowledge of everything (so they think). Always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, with a smile, even if just to make one person’s day. Honored to have the opportunity to serve as a CADA Area E Council member and recipient of the Area E Service Award. 

AREA F: Cari Strange, Temescal Canyon

Cari Strange has taught at Temescal Canyon High School in Lake Elsinore, CA for  20 years and has been the Activities Director for the past 12 years.  She has been a CADA member for 12 years and has served on the Area Council for the past 6 years, presenting at multiple student and advisor conferences as well as at the State Convention.  She earned her Master Activity Advisor (MAA) certification in 2011 and has since taught MAA courses at the State Convention.  Her program has been recognized as an Outstanding Leadership Program for the past 6 years and she attends both CADA summer camps and CASL every year with her students. The leadership program at Temescal Canyon has grown to 250 students in 6 ASB classes over the past 12 years and strives to be inclusive of all student groups on campus.

AREA G: Brittani Siracusa, Madison High School 

Brittani Siracusa has served as the ASB Advisor for Madison High School for the past four years, continuing to build their student leadership program. Brittani has served on the Area Council for Area G for the past five years since she was a middle school advisor. In December 2017, she volunteered to be the Assistant Area Coordinator in hopes to continue to give back to CADA and also help grow the San Diego area's involvement in CADA. Brittani hopes to continue serving as a resource for fellow ASB Advisors, while providing leadership opportunities to students throughout her district. Brittani hosted her first Leadership Development Day in February and is looking forward to offering even more to the student leaders in her community.


Past Area Service Award Recipients





2018 Leah Grant Michael Simon Angie Guerra
2017 Corissa Stobing Stephanie Gibson Melissa Bangerter
2016 Kristin Patten Joanna Butcher Erin Tobias
2015 Craig Grivel Kelly Todd Isaac Lopez
2014 Tamara Givens Monique Walton Adrienne Nau
2013 Lori Sato Francis Rojas Julie Larrivee
2012 Melissa Edsall Melissa Foster Kevin Harris
2011 Bill Williams Laura Castro Leslie Loewen
2010 Kim Karr Lorraine Martinez Joseph McMahon
2009 Matt Soeth Tanya Rianda Mary Alice Orin
2008 Bill Battaglia Bonnie Kay-Calder Teresa Hutson
2007 Allison Gadeke Tracy Walker Brooke Slayton
2006 Carrie Stepp Cindy Bader Lauretta Eldridge
2005 Jack Ziegler Eileen Beckley Carol Holland
2004 Tom Palmer Addison Jones Stella Kidd
2003 Suzy Krzaczek Ken Barber Julie Peterson
2002 Linda Cooper Derek Padilla Shelly Henderson
2001 Dave Larson Mike White Radon Fortenberry
2000 Patty Judge Diane Burbank Linda Veach
1999 Ron Jones Cheryl Kuhlmann Matt Mueller




2018 Chelsea Warner Alex Cervantes Cari Strange
2017 Julie Brusa Valerie Vera-Mineer Ken Nedler
2016 Laurel Gast Terri Wood Michael A. Pattison
2015 Lisa Walton Farrah Rigo-Witt Petra Davis
2014 Darlene Johnson Kyle Svobada Geniel Moon
2013 Joe Hurtado Jeff Culver Randy Jensen
2012 Leigh Cambra Richard Noblett Jeff Cornelius
2011 Shannon Hurtado Angel Ceniseroz Mary Jane Smith
2010 Christy Hertsch Ron Ippolito Jason Kaylor
2009 Carol Cook Leslie Phillips Linda Westfall
2008 Jennifer Duston Dee Varela Ron Inman
2007 Becky Kasper Kelli Baumunk Jennifer Graves
2006 Jim Johnson Lynda Richardson Judy Wilson
2005 Kevin Lorch Kathy Stewart Curt Chase
2004 Chuck Norian Robin Ramirez Patricia Holt
2003 Rick Kent Janet Roberts Jeanne Ellis
2002 Wendy Henchy Ron Capps Dave Adams
2001 Monica Anderson Mark Lantz Linda Williamson
2000 Jose Duenas Tony Ortega Paul Chylinski
1999 Steve Hirt Deborah Weiss Jerry Halpin


2018 Brittani Siracusa    
2017 Toshimi Minami    
2016 Danny Kung    
2015 Carol Cultrera    
2014 Tj Carr    
2013 Christina DeSanto    
2012 Denise van Doorn    
2011 Alex Villalobos    
2010 Jeremy Hersch    
2009 Daniel Camacho    
2008 Laurie Norcross    
2007 Casey McKibbin    
2006 Craig Lyon    
2005 JJ Barlow    
2004 Sandy Kurland    
2003 Ida Williams    
2002 Marie Cashion    
2001 Robert Weldon    
2000 Valerie Kear-Gold    
1999 Betty A. Peterson    
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