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Advisor Resources

CADA has several resources for all things student activities!

Distance Learning Free Resources from Friends: A listing of free resources being provided by CADA sponsors, affiliates, and friends during the coronavirus distance learning period. Find some great content you can use in your lessons. 

Affiliate/Vendor Directory: Find a vendor for all your activity needs, i.e. DJ, Speaker, Fundraising, etc.

Alliance for Student Activities: Why does student activities matter? How does student activities provide a return on your investment? Research & Statistics - Do the Math Video & more.

CADA Store: Search our CADA Store for leadership books, CADA/CASL Memorabilia, Activity Ideas, and more!

CADA Newsletter: Quarterly newsletter w/ leadership ideas, the latest in CADA news, and more! Mailed to members in hard copy format.

CADA Podcast: Interviews with speakers and educators you can use at school.

Calendar: Calendar of all CADA/CASL events. Find leadership training events throughout the state all year round for both students & advisors!

CADA Roadmap: Your Road Map to improved climate and culture at your school. Click here for the Road Map and Road Map stops.

FCMAT Help Desk Archives: Frequently asked Financial questions.

Resource Library: Search hundreds of leadership lessons, forms, templates, & more to help you run your activities program.

Standards: CADA Standards document for student activities.

Hope International University: Administrative Credential and Masters Program at Hope International University

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