Bob Burton Spirit Award

The Bob Burton Spirit Award is presented to a person who makes SPIRIT WORK, who makes a positive difference and who emphasizes inclusion with all students and members. The nominee must be a CADA member, individual or vendor. The award is given through the area in which the nominee maintains business or membership. The nominee cannot be a current council member and will be given to one person, not to teams, partners or groups

2018 Bob Burton Award Recipients

AREA A: Season Lozano
, Patterson High School

Season Lozano has been the Activities Director at Patterson High School for the past eleven years. When she first started, her kids met before school, twice per week, to plan dances, rallies, and homecoming. Since then, she has developed her program to include sixty excited and energetic student leaders who meet daily as a class. Her ASB continues to put on the previously mentioned activities, but has expanded to coordinate staff appreciation, community involvement, student news broadcasts, and the student store. In order for all of these things to run efficiently, she begins the school year with her student leaders a month before school officially starts. Season makes spirit work by training ASB Leaders to be enthusiastic about their school, encouraging them to plan events that will be inclusive to all groups of students, and helping kids get involved on campus. Because of Season's mentoring, her students are known throughout the community for their culture of serving others. For example, they plan a Trunk or Treat activity, organize and assist with Relay for Life, and serve the homeless at a community Thanksgiving meal. She is known for encouraging her kids to try new things and to be as creative as possible! Season truly embodies Bob Burton's spirit and enthusiasm for her school and community.

Laura Saldana, Westmont High School

Laura Saldaña has been in activities for 11 years, 5 of those years at Westmont.  She developed her school's Renaissance program, which has brought renewed spirit and excitement to her campus.  She’s increased student voice through the creation of student senate and club council.  Her ASB program is making school more inclusive through the adoption of gender neutral activities, development of Diversity Week, granting over 1200 Winter Wishes, and fundraising to make prom affordable for all students. Students shifted a Spirit Week to serve their community, which allows the entire school to create care packages for the needy.  Laura helped spearhead a variety of district leadership events including ASB retreats and conferences, a district day of service, and district mixer - bringing unprecedented camaraderie among the schools.   Laura has been actively involved in CADA - presenting at various area conferences, convention, as camp staff, counselor, and MAA instructor.  Laura is humbled by this honor and is thankful for the connections and lessons she has gained from CADA.

Cassy Ortiz, Orange Cove High School

Castan Ortiz is a dynamic, fun, and inspirational Activities Director at Orange Cove High School.  Castan is full of creative, tried and true activities that she has developed during her 8 years as lead of activities in Orange Cove.  Being the high energy, well-planned spirit that she is, she is constantly trying new events and activities to add to the positive flavor of the school.  Castan thrives within a fast-paced, low budget school setting in which she is daily making a difference in the lives of each student.

AREA D: Adrian Salazar, Santa Maria High School

Adrian Salazar has been the Director of Activities at Santa Maria High School for the past 8 years. Also, as an alumnus from Santa Maria High School, being the Director of Activities has been an outstanding experience!  Attending CASL and CADA Camps has transformed his program in to a well oiled machine.  Currently, 50 students are enrolled in the program, with hundreds applying each year.  Each year the students look forward to participate in the traditional activities, but more importantly they look to bring positive change directly or indirectly to the school.  Students have transformed the environment at their school in to a more inclusive, student driven environment where the student voice is welcomed.  Adrian looks forward to keeping the spirit of Bob Burton alive for many more years!

AREA E: PAula Tezak, Las Palmas Middle School

Paula has taught physical education and assisted with the Renaissance and Activities programs on campus for the past 21 years. Four years ago, she enthusiastically assumed the ASB Leadership position. Her passion for teaching leadership and character skills, desire for the inclusion of all students in campus activities while facilitating a positive school culture are the foundations and driving forces of her program. Paula leads by example and works tirelessly to recognize both students and staff for their hard work. Her ASB students implement the success skills they have learned in the activities and events that they create.  She has attended the CADA Convention for the past 18 years and gives much of the credit for her success to friends and colleagues at Las Palmas, AREA E and CADA for the invaluable knowledge they continue to share and challenging her to be the best she can be. Paula is humbled and honored to receive the Bob Burton award knowing the important role and impact Activity Directors have on school culture and the student body.  She loves what she does and is always interested in new innovative ideas and concepts to help the students

AREA F: Tara Fry, James L. Day Middle School

Tara Fry has been teaching at James L. Day Middle School for 5 years. Before transferring to middle school, she taught at the elementary level where she was known for making lasting relationships with not only her students, but their families. Once becoming a middle school teacher, she felt like she was struggling making connections with her students within a 50 minute time period. Before that first year at middle school was over, she had committed to her school’s ASB program and has never looked back. Over the past 5 years, she has created 5 leadership groups consisting of 160 student leaders, held numerous community events and has had her students invited to speak at city council meetings. She promotes teamwork on her campus through her Student Leadership Council, National Days of Program and many multi-club events. She would be the first person to tell you it takes a village raising and molding the next generation of leaders and she feels lucky to have such an amazing group of teachers, students, admin and community members working together.

AREA G: Janice Teixeira, Meadowbrook Middle School

Janice Teixeira has been teaching for 21 years and actively assisting with Meadowbrook Middle School’s ASB for 12 of those years. Janice brings a creative style and a work ethic to Meadowbrook's activities program that is hard to find. Her love of student activities is evident as she volunteers for EVERY ASB event throughout the year and has been attending CADA/CASL area and state conferences for all 12 of her years working with Leadership. She brings a kind voice and warm heart to Meadowbrook’s award-winning activities program. Janice has a positive influence on her school campus as a whole, and works tirelessly to create a school culture where everyone is welcome, valued, and respected. It is safe to say that the program at Meadowbrook Middle School would not be what it is today without the support and guidance of Janice Teixeira.

AREA H: Darryl Andrews, Yukon High School

Darryl Andrews is a 32- year educator with Yukon Public School in Yukon, Oklahoma.  He came back to teach at his hometown high school in 1985 and has loved every minute of it!  After teaching science and advising student council for 18 years, he created the first Leadership class at Yukon. This program continued to grow and he now serves as the Activities Director, full-time Leadership Teacher and Student Council Adviser.  He works with administrators, teachers and students managing school wide service projects, programs and assemblies. Darryl is being awarded the Honorary Lifetime Member of CADA this year and was named the OASC and Region 6 Warren E. Shull Advisor of the Year in 1996. He has hosted 4 OASC State Conferences and 1 NASC National Conference. Darryl has a passion for student activities and strives for continual improvement. He has attended the CADA Convention for 17 years and has encouraged advisers from across the country to attend CADA for professional development.  He loves being a part of the Area H family and has presented for CADA and the NASC National Conference.  Darryl currently serves as  the Oklahoma Association of Student Councils as District Advisor, BASIC Workshop Adviser & Presenter and ADVANCED Worksop Director.

Past Bob Burton Award Recipients





2018 Season Lozano Laura Saldana Cassie Ortiz
2017 Lori Heintz Helen Paris Teresa Hutson
2016 Verne Johnson Jacob Headley Shelly Henderson
2015 Kim Bair Jessica Holman Ronnie Scott
2014 Jessica Banchieri Eugene Wing Stephen Amundson
2013 Lisa Retnolds Sara Catalli Renee DeCanio
2012 Jeff Burghardt Glenda Wurm-Hayenga Brooke Slayton
2011 Terry Barker Kim Kuczon Judy Fortenberry
2010 Ted Wimberg Sandi Martin Julie Peterson
2009 Tamara Givens Debra LaPrath Howard Zinn




2018 Adrian Salazar Paula Tezak Tara Fry
2017 Toriann Garner Celia Collins Ami Sandler
2016 Lori Lowensen Fran Whitney Scott Mendelson
2015 Kelly DeBernardi Jenn Childers Cathy Leseberg
2014 Melanie Lindsey Mike Motherspaw Kelli Cooper
2013 Peaches MacKenzie Scott Cavanias Sharon Tavaglione
2012 Barbara Johnson Melanie Wong Richard McAlinidin
2011 Lisa Avery Todd Arrowsmith Heidi Dunne
2010 Craig Combs Dave Olbright Colleen Hayashi
2009 Linda Frye Kyle Svoboda Linda Zeigler



2018 Janice Teixeira Darryl Andrews  
2017 Ruben Martinez Sandy Ginger  
2016 Sanford M. Carvajal    
2015 Brandi Friend    
2014 Joe Gizzo    
2013 Kelcie Butcher    
2012 Rob Keillor    
2011 Doug Roselli    
2010 John Schroeder    
2009 Suzanne McKibbin    
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