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Bob Burton Spirit Award

The Bob Burton Spirit Award is presented to a person who makes SPIRIT WORK, who makes a positive difference and who emphasizes inclusion with all students and members. The nominee must be a CADA member, individual or vendor. The award is given through the area in which the nominee maintains business or membership. The nominee cannot be a current council member and will be given to one person, not to teams, partners or groups

2022 Bob Burton Award Recipients

AREA A: John Thompson, Rocklin High School

Connecting students to campus in a positive way has been our mission statement and my passion for almost 30 years. It is the fundamental difference we can make in mental health as well as increasing academic success. When kids have fun and feel connected, they do better in class and thrive overall. That has never been more apparent than these past two years dealing with COVID.


Area b: Hollie Campos, Technology High School

Hollie Campos is in her 15th year of teaching. She started her journey in student activities at Technology High School six years ago and attended her first CADA Convention in 2017. That summer, Hollie brought five students to CADA Camp, and as a team, they transformed the thought process of ASB and the culture of the school. Hollie focuses on equity and inclusion at THS and has created a culture of kindness. With Hollie as ASB Advisor, THS modified the former ASB Club into a student government class, and participation in ASB has since doubled. Events like the homecoming dance have increased attendance to nearly 70% of the student body. Hollie led ASB in a mindset shift--instead of focusing on what small schools are unable to do, how could ASB adapt to make events and activities possible for the small 350-person student body? School spirit continues to grow. A significant focus for Hollie is student voice and choice with an outreach aspect to the larger local community through food and clothing drives. Hollie’s students truly make her a better person, better teacher, and better leader, and she is extremely honored to receive the Bob Burton Spirit Award.

AREA C: Hasmik Khalachyan-Canas, Bullard Talent K8 School

Hasmik Khalachyan-Cañas has been working in education for over 20 years. She has taught in elementary, middle, and high school settings. In 2011 Hasmik created a leadership class in an elementary school and discovered the powerful effect a student leadership program can have on a campus. She then became the Campus Culture Director of Tehipite Middle School for seven years. She created school-wide events to meet the community's needs while developing student leaders. Hasmik believes in the power of students' voices and encourages students to advocate for their peers.
She is currently the Campus Culture Director of Bullard Talent, a K8 school in the Fresno Unified School District. She not only teaches student leadership but is also developing a leadership mentoring program that bridges elementary and middle school students. In addition, Hasmik was named a finalist for the Excellence in Education award for Fresno Unified School District.

AREA D: Sky BEcker, Everett Alvarez High School

Sky Becker was born and raised in Salinas and graduated from North Salinas High School. Go Vikings! He graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, with a Bachelor's Degree in International Business and a minor in Spanish. Sky furthered his education and traveled overseas to study abroad in Spain. Having traveled the world, he returned home to give back to his community. He landed a teaching position at the best school on the Central Coast, Everett Alvarez High School. When not expanding the minds of his students, Sky became involved with the numerous clubs, athletic teams, and school activities at EAHS. He coached the swim team and spearheaded the start of the water polo program at EAHS. He also created and ran the middle school summer swim program to help underserved youth in the school district. After teaching for ten years, the position of Activities Director opened up at EAHS. He was asked to fill the role until a replacement could be found, and fortunately, for EAHS, the role was permanently filled by Sky, a position he has dominated for the last nine years. He fell in love with activities and applied himself to create an active EAHS Associated Student Body. He continues to have a desire to grow as an educator while working with a fantastic group of young leaders in the leadership class. He still resides in the Salinas area with his wife and two children. Sky started on the water as a Viking and now soars in the clouds as an Eagle!

AREA E: Jessica Owen, Antelope Valley Union High School

Jessica Owen has been a teacher in the Antelope Valley Union High School District for ten years, serving as the Link Crew advisor at Highland High School for four years. Jessica is passionate about including students of all backgrounds in school activities and creating experiences celebrating diversity. This past year Highland added a Best Buddies Chapter, and there are currently over 100 general and special education students in the program. Highland also partnered with their local Chick-Fil-A to start a CFA Leader Academy where Jessica works with thirty 9th and 10th grade students to do service projects on Highland's campus and in the community. These programs have a balance of leadership training, personal development, event planning, and public speaking. Jessica brings heart and SPIRIT to every program and event!

AREA F: Shannon Kush, Vista Murrieta High School

Shannon Kush began her teaching career as one of two high school teachers in a small one-room schoolhouse in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In that special space, Shannon learned the importance of community, inclusion, and meeting the needs of students beyond the classroom. After moving to California, Shannon taught Spanish for four years before becoming the ASB Director at Valley View High School in 2011. While at Valley View High School, she was introduced to the CADA/CASL organization. Her leadership advisors and students guided her program to achieve the Outstanding Leadership Program Award every year under her leadership. In addition, Shannon encourages her student leaders to apply to the CASL State Board. She was very proud to have one of her students be the first in the district to be elected as a CASL State Board Southern Director.

AREA G: Brian Gallo, Orange Glen High School

Brian Gallo has been the ASB Advisor at Orange Glen High School for the past ten years. He has worked tirelessly to build school spirit through activities at his school. With the help of his fantastic student leaders, he has tripled the class enrollment in ASB. ASB students have attended CADA field trips, camps, and have been provided many other leadership training opportunities. Through this diverse group of student leaders, they have helped create inclusive clubs and activities on campus. They pride themselves on having a fun school environment accepting all students while providing various events and opportunities. He has worked to create a student fan section known as ‘Patriot Pit.’ He has installed new traditions such as the annual Powderpuff Game, a weekly produced student news broadcast, and senior Grad Nite. For the past decade, OG has seen dance and rally attendance numbers steadily increase. He has been involved with and helped showcase countless other clubs and activities, including an award-winning dance team, Friendship Club, 8th-grade visits, and numerous staff/student appreciations. Brian has coached football and basketball at Orange Glen while advising SADD, Patriot Productions, and multiple class levels. He has successfully made spirit work at Orange Glen and looks forward to continuing to improve an already excellent campus culture.

AREA H: Le Ann Straehle, Toppenish High School

Le Ann Straehle has taught for the last 23 years at Toppenish High School in Toppenish, Washington. She teaches World History and American Government, and the last eleven years has taught Renaissance Leadership, Link Crew, and transitioned into Eastern Washington University Leadership and ASB Advisor. Le Ann’s leadership class has been in charge of all on-campus activities, including spirit weeks, assemblies, lunchtime activities, door greets, and socials. Some of the events the ASB class hosts are various celebrations for the self-contained classroom, such as Homecoming and Prom, Santa gift exchange, and a Spring Fling. Le Ann gives ownership to her students, empowering them to create the high school they want to have. Her motto with her students is “ASB stands for All Students Belong,” reminding her leadership kids constantly to be inclusive no matter the event.

Past Bob Burton Award Recipients





2022 John Thompson Hollie Campos Hasmik Khalachyan-Canas
2021 Melissa Maher Meg Walsh Zach Stepp
2020 Kristin Patten Nichole McGowan Pickett Nyrie Karkazian
2019 Stacie Martin Ben Breazeale Larry Armstrong
2018 Season Lozano Laura Saldana Cassie Ortiz
2017 Lori Heintz Helen Paris Teresa Hutson
2016 Verne Johnson Jacob Headley Shelly Henderson
2015 Kim Bair Jessica Holman Ronnie Scott
2014 Jessica Banchieri Eugene Wing Stephen Amundson
2013 Lisa Retnolds Sara Catalli Renee DeCanio
2012 Jeff Burghardt Glenna Wurm-Hayenga Brooke Slayton
2011 Terry Barker Kim Kuczon Judy Fortenberry
2010 Ted Wimberg Sandi Martin Julie Peterson
2009 Tamara Givens Debra LaPrath Howard Zinn




2022 Sky Becker Jessica Owen Shannon Kush
2021 Jim Johnson Paul Dols Tami Sciacca
2020 Stacy Picciuto Tim Hall David Vollmar
2019 Nyssa Baca Michelle Chiotti Erin Andrade
2018 Adrian Salazar Paula Tezak Tara Fry
2017 Toriann Garner Celia Collins Ami Sandler
2016 Lori Lowensen Fran Whitney Scott Mendelson
2015 Kelly DeBernardi Jenn Childers Cathy Leseberg
2014 Melanie Lindsey Mike Motherspaw Kelli Cooper
2013 Peaches MacKenzie Scott Cavanias Sharon Tavaglione
2012 Barbara Johnson Melanie Wong Richard McAlinidin
2011 Lisa Avery Todd Arrowsmith Heidi Dunne
2010 Craig Combs Dave Olbright Colleen Hayashi
2009 Linda Frye Kyle Svoboda Linda Zeigler



2022 Brian Gallo Le Ann Straehle  
2021 Shannon Parker Sara Nilles  
2020 Jeremy Hersch Kristin Grimm  
2019 Deana Garcia Al Hopgood  
2018 Janice Teixeira Darryl Andrews  
2017 Ruben Martinez Sandy Ginger  
2016 Sanford M. Carvajal    
2015 Brandi Friend    
2014 Joe Gizzo    
2013 Kelcie Butcher    
2012 Rob Keillor    
2011 Doug Roselli    
2010 John Schroeder    
2009 Suzanne McKibbin    
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