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Harry Bettencourt Award

The Harry Bettencourt Character Award recipient has distinguished themselves by their exemplary character and service at the local, state and national levels. This award recognizes an individual of exceptional character and kindness who has contributed significantly to the leadership development of students, teachers, and/or administrators.

One winner will be chosen by each Area Council (A-G) and be submitted to the President and the Executive Director by the Area coordinator no later than December 20. One of the recipients will be named the state award winner and be selected by the CADA Board at the Winter meeting. The state winner must come from (or be retired from) a National Association of Student Councils member school at the time their name is entered into consideration for regional and national recognition. The state winner will then be entered into consideration for regional and national recognition related to Harry Bettencourt. Board members serving on the CADA Board are ineligible to receive the award during their tenure.

2023 CADA harry bettencourt Award Recipients 

AREA A: steve southard, retired

Steve is always willing to help and encourage both advisors and students. Steve has gone above and beyond for years as the Activities Director at Sonora High School and at CADA conventions to support new and veteran advisors. He was a central part of Area A council for many years and has helped and continues to help at Area Conferences. He is a true Area A legend and gem!!! Steven Southard is legendary! When I think of Area A I think of Ron Jones, Linda Cooper, and Steve Southard! His integrity and compassion for Activities Directors is impeccable!

AREA B: joanne laird, retired

AREA C: mark vincent, retired

Mark was an activity director for 32 years at four different high schools. His first involvement with CADA was in 1975 when he was an activity director at Lone Pine High School and on our Area C council representing the desert. He continues to serve currently on the area council and is a valued member. He is involved now to help the younger activity directors in any way he can. He shares that not all activities are merely fundraisers, they are activities to help teach leadership and raise school involvement. What keeps him involved is the relationships that he has made over the years with both seasoned activity directors and new ones. He is always hoping that he can make their job a little easier than it was when he got started. The thing that he would like to be most remembered for was the creation of the academic letter for the State of California when he was at Hanford High. It was the first activity letter in the state and was then presented at the state conference and now he would say about 85 to 90% of all high schools have an academic letter. Also, he would like to think that he had a lot to do with CASL having state conferences. His daughter was the second state CASL Pand he was the first CASL state conference coordinator in Visalia. He was involved in many things over the years and has earned many awards but the two things that were aforementioned are the two that he cherishes the most.

AREA D: Margaret Noroian, retired

AREA e: debi weiss, retired

Debi has been a member of CADA for 33 years. Working as an educator for 35 years she taught Home Economics and Leadership at Hollencrest and Bloomington Junior High before coming to Ayala High School to teach Home Economics. She was also involved in the USB Leadership program as a Class Advisor and Renaissance Advisor before becoming the Activities Director at Ayala. Debi has presented at the Area E Student Leadership Conference, CADA State Conference and at the National/State Renaissance Conferences. She is a CADA Past President (Oh, the Places You’ll Go with CADA), Past Area E Coordinator and continues to serve on the Area E Council. She has also served on the CIF-SS Executive Board, Sierra League co-coordinator, Sierra League and Palomares League Treasurer and CARE Team (Renaissance). She has been recognized as an Ayala Renaissance Teacher of the Year, CADA Area E Service Award and CADA Warren Shull High School. Her passion is Student Leadership! She has supported and guided new Activity Directors, attended Leadership Camps and CASL with her students for over 30 years as well as giving her students opportunities to attend and present at the National Renaissance Conference and NATSTUCO. Debi retired in 2020 but continues to support CADA as well as students and teachers in her area and her USB Leadership alumnus. In her retirement, her husband (Jim) and her love traveling (RV’ing and cruising) spending time with her family and having lots of play dates with their grandchildren (Archie and Teddy). She is honored to have received the Harry Bettencourt Award as she was blessed to have known him and been inspired by Harry’s generosity and kindness.

AREA f: connie weeks, retired

Connie Weeks has been involved with CADA in so many ways during her 40 years. She currently serves on the Area F council and is willing to help in any way possible. Connie was a dedicated activities director at Don Lugo H.S. who had her students involved in CADA and CASL. Her school won the Outstanding Activities Program 8 years in a row, and it was with pride that her students represented the school at the CASL state conference. Connie believes in being a mentor to everyone including students, staff, and members of the CADA family. She has worked with the spirit camp and leadership camp programs as well as presented at numerous conferences and conventions. Now in retirement she helps to mentor other members of Area F. Connie can be found behind the scenes working for the betterment of students and those who make a difference in the lives of their students.

AREA g: kodi (keller) crow, twin peaks middle school

Kodi Crow (formerly Keller) has been the ASB Director at Twin Peaks Middle School in Poway, California since 2018. In addition to her sixth-grade English, Social Studies, and Exploratory Leadership teaching assignments, Kodi remains committed to developing a student body organization grounded in inclusion, kindness, and respect for all. In addition to serving as the assistant to the Area G Coordinator, Kodi has presented on developing school spirit at the middle school level at the CADA Convention, as well as at her local Area G Student and Advisor Conferences. She hopes to energize and inspire middle school advisors, teachers, and students with strategies to encourage participation, collaboration, and positive team-building skills. She believes in the power of celebrating individuality and the unique gifts of all people in a way that helps her community feel both welcome and connected.

Past harry bettencourt Award Recipients




2023 Steve Southard Joanne Liard Mark Vincent
2022 Linda Cooper Ola King-Claye Lauretta Eldridge
2021 Ron Jones Monique Walton Genel Hodges




2023 Margaret Noroian Debi Weiss Connie Weeks
2022 Bob Collins Richard Noblett Michael Pattison
2021 Chuck Noroian Don Dagne Tiburcio Garcia


2023 Kodi Crow
2022 TJ Carr
2021 Carol Cultrera
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