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Harry Bettencourt Award

The Harry Bettencourt Character Award recipient has distinguished themselves by their exemplary character and service at the local, state and national levels. This award recognizes an individual of exceptional character and kindness who has contributed significantly to the leadership development of students, teachers, and/or administrators.

One winner will be chosen by each Area Council (A-G) and be submitted to the President and the Executive Director by the Area coordinator no later than December 20. One of the recipients will be named the state award winner and be selected by the CADA Board at the Winter meeting. The state winner must come from (or be retired from) a National Association of Student Councils member school at the time their name is entered into consideration for regional and national recognition. The state winner will then be entered into consideration for regional and national recognition related to Harry Bettencourt. Board members serving on the CADA Board are ineligible to receive the award during their tenure.

2022 CADA harry bettencourt Award Recipients 

AREA A: linda cooper, retired

Linda began her teaching career in the business department at Ceres High School in 1983. She immediately got involved by forming the Future Business Leaders of America club and coaching softball. She attended and participated in all rallies, dances, games, activities, and CHS events. Linda's goal was to get all students involved, so she formed the Best Buddies group and worked to include all students in activities. In 1992, she took over the activity program, put together two leadership classes, a representative group that met once a month, and gathered information on what students wanted to happen at CHS. She continually strived to achieve a positive culture on campus and in the community. Her smile, hugs, conversations with others, help to others, and love of everything activities are infectious. Linda attended her first CADA Convention in 1992 and never stopped attending or being involved in the Area events, the Area Council, CADA events, and CASL events. She has always been just a phone call away for any educator - teacher, activity director, or administrator that needed help or information. Linda loves meeting new activity directors and leadership teachers and helping them get started. But most of all, she loves students and wants to see them be successful. Linda retired in 2016, but it hasn't stopped her from continuing her involvement in CADA, with educators, or with students.

AREA B: Ola King-Claye, rincon valleymiddle School 

Ola King-Claye has been an activities director and member of CADA for 35 years.  Throughout her years in CADA, she has been Area B Coordinator, worked state and local CADA leadership conferences, attended NAWD, worked the CADA store “Books of Knowledge” for seven years, and is a past president of CADA.  Ola is a positive mentor, a kind, energetic, and loving human being who continues to give love and support to everyone around her.  Area B is blessed to have her continue on the council, giving guidance and wisdom while allowing new leaders to emerge.

AREA C: lauretta eldridge, tierra del sol high school

Lauretta has been an activity director and coach for over 27 years. Working as an educator for over 30 years, she has taught in the inner city, middle school, high school, college, workforce, and continuation schools. She has presented at several schools, colleges, and conferences across the United States. Lauretta is your 2016 EPIC CADA President, has won the Kern Teacher of the Year Award twice, the CADA State Earl Reum Award, CADA Hall of Fame Award, Area C Service Award and the CCEA Exemplary Award for Activities and Athletics. Lauretta seeks to make a positive impact in all student and staff lives. She is passionate about all aspects of a student’s life-not just academics. Her goals include inspiring and empowering students and staff to be the BEST they can be, assisting all to perform at their top potential, and meeting everyone in CADA.

AREA d: bob collins, retired

Bob had been involved with Ventura High School's activities program for 36 years as senior and leadership activities advisor. Bob has been involved with Area D for the past 40 years, most of it on the area council. He has been to most of the state conferences since 1982, and only missed a few. Bob was on the CADA summer camp steering committee from 1984 to 2015. He worked on various state committees over the years and went to many of the NAWD national advisor conferences while on the camp steering committee.

AREA e: richard noblett, baldwin park unified school district

Dr. Richard James Noblett was born in Leyland, Lancashire, in England and spent his childhood and education looking for opportunities to travel, share and teach. While working at a Salvation Army Summer Camp in the Santa Monica Mountains in 1993 he met his wife of 27 years and moved to California to live in 1994. After completing as much school as he could get away with (the eternal student) at APU and USC, he served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, and currently is the Director of Student Achievement in Baldwin Park Unified School District. He has spent the past 26 years with a dedicated passion for helping all students learn and grow, being actively involved in all areas of student activities, with a heart of servant leadership and a focus on developing positive school culture and climate. He centers everything around student and staff well-being. He has been an adjunct professor at APU and LAPU since moving into the realm of administration so that he could selfishly continue to get his “teaching fix.” When he is not doing his “grown up jobs”, he enjoys most of his “free time” with Jodie (his much better half and an incredible activities director and yearbook advisor for most of the past 28 years), and his three amazing children (Kyle 22, Luke 19, and Paige, 17) who all were all actively involved in student leadership and ASB throughout their secondary education. He is honored to have known Harry Bettencourt as a dear friend, working on the convention facilitation team for many years with him, and aspires to one day be as kind, giving, and generous as Harry was.

AREA f: michael pattison, retired

Michael has been a CADA member for 33 years and was an activity director for 26 1/2 years. In addition, he has served on the Area F council and was a CADA Camp staff member.



AREA g: tj carr, the preuss school

In 2003, TJ was given the task of creating the Preuss School's middle school ASB class. Jeremy Howard, the school's high school advisor, told him joining CADA is a must! So TJ joined Area G. TJ is currently the high school ASB advisor at Preuss and has taken on the challenge of having all student voices heard on his campus. Like many schools, the pandemic and online learning challenged the Preuss School ASB. Though they had to pause many of their traditional activities, they, fortunately, found ways to create new traditions. Last year, the Preuss School started a Serenity Day where students made classes that they taught to each other via Zoom. Students taught skateboarding, makeup application, calligraphy, and other courses where they were experts. After the success of Serenity Day, The Preuss ASB followed the model to create an Identity Day. Identity Day was a day where students and staff engaged in conversations exploring parts of their identities. Students loved the opportunity to share who they are and to learn about other members of their learning community.

Past harry bettencourt Award Recipients






2022 Linda Cooper Ola King-Claye Lauretta Eldridge
2021 Ron Jones Monique Walton Genel Hodges




2022 Bob Collins Richard Noblett Michael Pattison
2021 Chuck Noroian Don Dagne Tiburcio Garcia


2022 TJ Carr    
2021 Carol Cultrera    
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