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Harry Bettencourt Award

The Harry Bettencourt Character Award recipient has distinguished themselves by their exemplary character and service at the local, state and national levels. This award recognizes an individual of exceptional character and kindness who has contributed significantly to the leadership development of students, teachers, and/or administrators.

One winner will be chosen by each Area Council (A-G) and be submitted to the President and the Executive Director by the Area coordinator no later than December 20. One of the recipients will be named the state award winner and be selected by the CADA Board at the Winter meeting. The state winner must come from (or be retired from) a National Association of Student Councils member school at the time their name is entered into consideration for regional and national recognition. The state winner will then be entered into consideration for regional and national recognition related to Harry Bettencourt. Board members serving on the CADA Board are ineligible to receive the award during their tenure.

2024 CADA harry bettencourt Award Recipients

AREA A: patty judge, retired/all rise foundation

Besides traveling to baseball park to baseball park, my life since retirement has been full of exciting times. I love my gardening and working with youth in any way I can.

In addition, check out the ALL RISE foundation which is so very important to our family at this time.

Patty Judge Post Retirement Journey

In 2013, the Judge family continued to focus on the CADA mantra by focusing on education and leadership development. Our dreams were the foundation of the Aaron Judge ALL RISE Foundation which was founded in 2018 and has become a viable non-profit business focused on youth. Our programs have been established to develop responsible citizens and to inspire them to reach unlimited possibilities. Our comprehensive components are:

Our three regions are San Joaquin County (Aaron’s hometown), Fresno County (Aaron’s college home, and NYC (Aaron’s new hometown).

Aspiring Leaders Programs/Leadership programs: We send delegations of students to Area A and C leadership conferences; the Annual Linden HS Scholarship; Baseball Camp (working on 5th); www.aaronjudgeALLRISEfoundation.org; Summer reading program established last summer; #Just5minutes campaign.

Our Mini-Grant program is for community-based organizations, public and private agencies, and faith-based organizations doing work in our three regions. The Mini-Grants awards $2,500.00 to programs providing services that support our mission. #Just5minutes campaign; #ALLRISE2help campaign; Annual Gala (working on 5th); Leadership Master Classes; aaronjudgeALLRISEfoundation.org.

Area b: mike white, monta vista high School

Mike has had a long career as an educator, totaling 33 years. In his role as an Activities Assistant Principal, he has served at James Logan, Lynbrook, and Monta Vista High Schools. His history of involvement with CADA spans 26 years. Throughout his tenure with CADA, he has presented at various student conferences and the CADA State Convention. Additionally, he is a CADA Past President (CADAtoons!), Past CASL Board member, and Past Area B Coordinator. He remains actively involved in the organization, currently serving on the Area B Council.

Mike has been recognized with the Area B Service Award and the CADA Hall of Fame awards. He had the privilege of working with Harry Bettencourt and Joanne Laird during the NASC 2000 convention. He is honored to have known and worked with Harry and to be recognized with his namesake award. He celebrated with an ice cream in Harry’s honor.

AREA C: mark dutra, retired

Being selected for the Harry Bettencourt Character Award for Area C, has been a true life changer for me! As a former Activity and Athletic Director, then moving up to administrator overseeing activities and then as Principal, I use to talk to Harry often at our state board meetings during my 8 years as the Area C Coordinator. Our conversations ranged from our years of service to our students, staff, parents and community, and of our Portuguese heritage! Many great stories shared between us over the years, so to be honored as the recipient of the award in his name, hopefully you can see why this award truly touches my heart in ways that cannot be shared in words, but will be attempted to be shared to others through my display of positive character befitting to Harry Bettencourt!

AREA D: phalba thomas, retired

Phalba retired from Conejo Unified School District in 1997. She served as Assistant Principal in charge of activities at the following schools: Westlake High School, Newbury Park High School, Redwood Middle School and Colina Middle School. Phalba had a "hands-on" approach to the student activities at each school where she worked. She was always willing to help and encourage both advisors and students. Whether you were a veteran advisor or a brand new advisor you could count on her support.

Phalba was instrumental in starting the Middle School Conference in Area D and was in charge of it for 14 years. Although she has turned the organizing of this conference over to some of the "younger generation,” she still attends and helps each year.

Phalba was one of the administrators who helped start and implement the Renaissance Program in her district. Recognizing and rewarding students for doing well academically helped with student performance.

After Phalba retired she found herself filling in as a temporary Administrator at some school almost every year. She served in positions not only in Conejo Unified, but several neighboring districts. Being back on a campus and working with students kept her involved with what she loved doing. Even though some of the challenges changed over the years, she found a solution by always asking, "What is best for the students?"

Phalba has been involved with CADA for 36 years. She is extremely honored to receive the Harry Bettencourt Award and truly grateful to have know him.

AREA E: janet roberts, retired

Janet Roberts was involved in student activities for 38 years at Diamond Bar High School and Chino Hills High School before retiring in 2015. She has stayed active presenting leadership lessons at CADA Area Conferences, in Canada, Texas and New York. She has loved being a member of the CADA Camp Staff for over 30 years. She is a Past CADA President and Past Area E Coordinator and loves her CADA Area E family serving on the Area E Council. Janet was inducted into the CADA Hall of Fame, she was a Regional Earl Reum Award Winner, Council Service Award Winner and 2022 Jack Moore Award Winner.

AREA F: kevin fairman, edison High School

Mr. Kevin Fairman brings over 25 years of dedicated experience in education, serving as an activities director and administrator. Currently serving as an Assistant Principal at Edison High School, Mr. Fairman's career spans various roles, including Assistant Principal of Activities at Marina High School, and teacher at Ocean View High School, where he excelled as an Activities Director. A longstanding member of CADA for 25 years, Mr. Fairman's contributions extend to his tenure as a Council Member and Area Coordinator for Area F, as well as his presidency of the CADA Board in 2017, during which he spearheaded the successful JamaiCADA – One Love Convention in San Diego. Committed to the belief that every student matters, Mr. Fairman emphasizes the importance of preparing students for life beyond high school with compassion and support, encapsulating this philosophy in the principle of "One Love." He extends his heartfelt gratitude to his wife, Brooke, and daughter, Marley, for their unwavering love and support. Additionally, Mr. Fairman is deeply honored to have received the prestigious award, cherishing the connection to the remarkable Harry and the profound impact he made.

AREA G: lauretta eldridge, sdscpa

Lauretta has been a teacher for almost 33 years and an Activity Director for 30. She has taught and served as AD at Middle School, High School, Charter School and Continuation School levels. She has worked and presented at various state conferences, camps, and conventions, including the CADA summer leadership camps. She has hosted and directed several local and state leadership conferences including the 2016 EPIC CADA Conference. She has presented at all California Area Conferences; A-G. She has also presented at colleges, and NA4SA, NASC and NAWD. Her goal is to meet, greet and get to know every member of CADA. When you see her, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself!! When you think of CADA, you think of Lauretta!!

Past harry bettencourt Award Recipients




2024 Patty Judge Mike White Mark Dutra
2023 Steve Southard Joanne Liard Mark Vincent
2022 Linda Cooper Ola King-Claye Lauretta Eldridge
2021 Ron Jones Monique Walton Genel Hodges




2024 Phalba Thomas Janet Roberts Kevin Fairman
2023 Margaret Noroian Debi Weiss Connie Weeks
2022 Bob Collins Richard Noblett Michael Pattison
2021 Chuck Noroian Don Dagne Tiburcio Garcia


2024 Lauretta Eldridge
2023 Kodi Crow
2022 TJ Carr
2021 Carol Cultrera
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