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Pre-Conference Seminars

CADA members have the opportunity to attend Pre-Conference sessions. These special in-depth sessions take place before the conference on Tuesday, February 23rd – Friday, February 26th, from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM PT. It will give you the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills while gaining professional development.

Finance Law Workshop

Presenter: CASBO
Session Time: Tuesday, February 23rd 4:00PM - 7:00PM PT
Fee: $50

Check back for more details. 

#ICANHELP make Digital4Good

Presenter: Kim Karr
Session Time: Wednesday, February 24th 4:00PM - 7:00PM PT
Fee: $50

Description: Kim Karr is the Executive Director of #ICANHELP, a nonprofit that is bridging the gap between students and tech companies to empower student change makers, promote digital safety and celebrate youth innovation. We understand that the digital world can be difficult to navigate so throughout this training we will be providing you with the tools and resources needed to empower your students to take care of their mental health while also being positive digital warriors. This session will have you leaving prepared to help your students combat negativity online and use digital for good!

100 Conversations - Using Your Words to Transform Culture

Presenter: Phil Boyte
Session Time: Thursday, February 25th 4:00PM - 7:00PM PT
Fee: $50

You are an educator…you have them! Upwards of 100 a day or more…what are they, you ask? Conversations. Ranging from trite to intense, meaningful to fun, conversations when used intentionally can truly transform culture. Join Phil Boyte as he introduces the concept of 100 CONVERSATIONS and the 4C framework, which includes how to build connections, share your school cause, encourage core behaviors, or tell the chronicles that paint a picture of the culture you want to build. In this interactive session, you will walk away with both the knowledge of why our daily interactions are so vital and clarity on what you want to celebrate and coach through your conversations each day.

Reconnecting to our Resilience, Playfulness, and Vitality!

Presenter: Roni Habib, EQ Schools
Session Time: Friday, February 26th 4:00PM - 7:00PM PT
Fee: $50 (or included with All-Access Pass Registration)

Description: Using Positive Psychology and Applied Mindfulness tools we’ll explore how to have more energy and more fun, self regulate in the face of adversity, and tap into our power and resilience. This will be an experiential keynote so get ready to have fun, learn a bunch, be active, and reconnect to your purpose and passion.

Roni Habib is an expert in helping leaders, educators, and parents become happier, more resilient, more connected to their purpose, and more playful. The founder of EQ Schools, he leads workshops and speaks in organizations nationally and abroad. In the first four years of establishing EQ Schools, Roni has taught and inspired thousands of teachers, principals, superintendents, and parents. Prior to earning his Masters of Education and teaching credential at Harvard University, he lived in Israel and Belgium. Most importantly though, Roni has a huge heart and loves helping people.

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