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Pre-Conference Seminars

CADA attendees have the opportunity to attend pre-conference sessions. These special in-depth sessions take place before the convention on Wednesday from 9:00 am-Noon. It will give the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills while gaining professional development.
Each pre-con is an additional $50 w/pre-registration & $75 onsite.



Want to learn more about the best ways to handle & spend ASB money? The kids want to do this, but the district says no. What are the best processes and procedures to follow when mentoring students through the ASB "rules"? Join Chief Business Officer Dusty Nevatt for the ASB Finance, Laws, Regulations & Best Practices pre-conference workshop. Q & A time will be provided.

Breaking the Digital Divide: Fostering Trust and Safety in a Connected Campus KIM KARR
Digital4Good x #ICANHELP

Tired of tackling digital drama at your school? Face the challenge head-on with #ICANHELP's digital strategy workshop! Build a solid team to conquer social media issues and create a winning plan to reduce online drama, on-campus conflicts, and overall discipline. Don't let negativity like cyberbullying, sexting, or airdropping control your campus. With our guidance, your team will learn to navigate digital challenges and make your school a safer space for everyone. Take action now and sign up here! For this 3-hour workshop:

  • Bring a team to strategize together on a digital plan for your school district. (Admin, Counselors, Activities Director, Resource Officer, Class Advisors)
  • Social Media Emergency Plan - walk through the steps together as a team to make a plan.
  • Best Practices shared from Digital4Good schools
  • Hear from top Social Media company experts
  • Core learnings are digital safety, citizenship, literacy, and wellness

    Engage EVERYONE! - Scott Backovich

    Tired of using the same old themes, games, and strategies to try and engage uninterested students? Wish more of your school would participate in spirit weeks, assemblies, and other activities? Looking to spark campus-wide participation? Let’s get to work!

    In this action-packed session, ENVOLVE founder Scott Backovich will unlock a treasure trove of resources to help you create the best leadership program possible! Gain new and valuable tools, learn innovative activity frameworks, and walk away with plug-and-play lessons you can use to ignite school spirit today!

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