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Pre-Conference Seminars

CADA attendees have the opportunity to attend pre-conference sessions. These special in-depth sessions take place before the convention on Wednesday from 9:00 am-Noon. It will give the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills while gaining professional development.
Each pre-con is an additional $50 w/pre-registration & $75 onsite.


Join Erin Jones for conversations and activities to help us think about telling our stories and learning the stories of others (staff and students). Join us for inspiring stories and engaging activities that will leave you wanting more. See the TedTalk On YouTube (Bridges to Heal Us)


Want to learn more about the best ways to handle & spend ASB money? The kids want to do this, but the district says no. What are the best processes and procedures to follow when mentoring students through the ASB "rules"? Join Chief Business Officer Dusty Nevatt for the ASB Finance, Laws, Regulations & Best Practices pre-conference workshop. Q & A time will be provided.


Tiny Moments Cultivate Culture - PHIL BOYTE

While the big things like rallies, homecomings, and kindness weeks are important, Phil Boyte has seen in working with thousands of educators that the healthiest cultures are created in tiny moments every single day. Join Phil as he breaks down the BIG topic of culture into bite-size habits that when coupled with the big events will truly transform your school for years to come. You won’t want to miss this action-packed session filled with practical ideas and reminders you can start using right away.

Together we Thrive: Supporting Adult & Student Well-Being, Belonging & Engagement - Kat PASTOR

How can we intentionally look at our campus culture and climate and begin to meet the needs of both our students and staff? There is a need for school systems to prioritize the well-being and engagement of educators in order to produce equitable outcomes for students. We must provide staff with low-burden, high-impact strategies that begin with adult behavior change and end with a positive impact on our students' academic, social-emotional, and career development. The goal is to create systems of change that can positively and intentionally impact our students, staff, and communities by focusing on well-being, belonging, and engagement.

Building Resilience in yourself & your students - ShREE WALKER

Society often believes people are products of their environment, therefore, improving educational outcomes, ensuring educational stability, minimizing disruptions, and creating endless possibilities for diverse learners is imperative. For such improvements to take place, however, participants must consider the weight of their contribution, have the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to support diverse learners who are experiencing the challenges of life. Resiliency: The Power of One will expose participants to their conscious and unconscious biases related to diverse learners, provide tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, causing a mindset shift and ultimately empowering educators to first seek to understand, separate facts from feelings and cultivate high expectations and positive relationship with diverse learners. Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this presentation, the learner will be able to:

  1. Analyze how thoughts and emotions affect decision making and responsible behavior.
  2. Analyze similarities and differences between one’s own and others’ perspectives and demonstrate how to express understanding for those who hold different opinions.
  3. Analyze the origins and negative effects of an individual’s conscious and unconscious biases and evaluate strategies for opposing biases, stereotypes and prejudices.
  4. Utilizes strategies to address trauma-related symptoms/problems among themselves and others.
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