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Master Activity Advisor Certification

The MAA program’s goal is to provide the educational community with highly trained advisors by having participants complete a course of study that helps build the best possible activities program. Upon completion of the program educators will be awarded with the designation of “Master Activity Advisor” (MAA). While administered by CADA this training program provides a good foundation for any activities/ASB advisor nation-wide. Click here to download the CADA MAA Flyer with more in depth information.

Master Activity Advisor (MAA) Program Coordinator

Jeff Culver, CADA Professional Development Coordinator | pdc@cada1.org

The Goal of the Master Activity Advisor Program

Provide educational communities with highly trained and knowledgeable Activities Advisors through a hands-on, comprehensive and focused professional development program.

Master Activity Advisor (MAA) Program Core Beliefs

A highly trained student activities advisor will support student programs which enrich students’ educational experiences, create a positive school culture and climate and work collaboratively with other school staff and administration.

Master Activity Advisor (MAA) Program Benefits

Build professional learning communities with other educators involved in student activities
Acquire advanced and in-depth knowledge regarding student activities
Create a safer and more positive environment for all school stakeholders
Gain knowledge of legal and fiscal issues inherent in student activities
Develop a sense of personal and professional satisfaction
Demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the profession
Receive ongoing training and support
Enhance your resume
Complete one foundations course, six in-depth advanced courses and a field study project to benefit your school and activities program

Master Activity Advisor (MAA) Program Overview

The program contains three levels:

Level I

A 2-unit Foundations course which serves as a basic introduction to the Essential Elements for successful Student Activities, how they interrelate and how they apply to today’s educational environment

Level II

Six 1-unit courses which provide an in-depth and advanced study in each of the Essential Elements.

Level III

A Field Study project designed by the certification candidate and approved by the CADA Professional Development Coordinator. The project is intended to be valuable and meaningful to both the participant and his/her school and should involve making a significant positive impact on the culture and climate of the participant’s school and/or district.

Master Activity Advisor (MAA) Schedule of Classes

The Level I Foundations course is offered at the CADA State Convention each year and during the summer Leadership Camp program. The Foundations course should be taken prior to (or in conjunction with) Level II courses.      

Level II courses are offered each year at the CADA State Convention (multiple courses), Summer Leadership Camps (one course) and as an add-on at all Area Adult Conferences in the Fall (one course). Additional opportunities are planned in the future.

Level III Field Study will be arranged once most class requirements have been successfully completed.

Click on the following links to see Course Descriptions and Schedule of Classes.

Certification Questions?

Jeff Culver
tel: 661.492.3202

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