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F) Offer positive social opportunities

F) Offer positive social opportunities like dances and rallies and noontime activities. The idea of programs like Friday Night Live is to offer a replacement to partying, and in addition to safe, healthy alternatives, positive social activities will help you provide an opportunity for your students to grow and develop socially and emotionally. Education beyond the classroom creates well-rounded students who are connected to their school. Event planning, balloon supplies, DJ’s, all manner of decorations and supplies can be obtained from a trusted CADA sponsor listed in our CADA directory.

F-1: Prom Fashion Show-Model Application-Janet Roberts-Chino Hills HS

F-1a: Prom Fashion Show-Assignments

F-1b: Prom Fashion Show-Note to Models for Fashion Show

F-1c: Prom Fashion Show-Tux and Dress Shops

F-2: Friendship Week-Denise Van Doorn-Bear Valley MS

F-3: A California Mardi Gras-Joseph McMahon- Hanford West

F-4: Tips for Keeping Dances Clean-Matt Soeth-Kimball HS

F-5: Jitters Poetry Slam-Coffee Shop-Cindy Bader- Terra Linda HS

F-6: Film Festival-Cindy Bader- Terra Linda HS

F-7: Dance Checklist-Cindy Bader- Terra Linda HS

F-8: Minute to Win It-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

F-9: School Event Contracts-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

F-10: Dance Guest Permission Information-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

F-11: Dance Guidelines-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

F-12: Sadie Hawkins Dance Ticket (with ideas)-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

F-13: High School Idol Contest-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

F-13a: Idol Poster-Flyer-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

F-13b: Idol Judging Sheet-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS



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