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J) Concentrate on Character Education

J) Concentrate on Character Education. School qualities that build character include such things as: connectedness, opportunities for students to reflect, debate, and collaborate, social skills training, and the opportunity to engage in moral behavior (community service). All of these components are naturally embedded in a strong activities program (as outlined above). However Character Education itself is an important piece of the puzzle and it warrants mentioning as component part of addressing climate and culture. Student leaders who ‘walk the talk’ will build trust and are capable of leading by example. Character education is a student body activity and goes beyond the student leaders’ position, however it is important to ensure that your student leaders have an understanding of why it is they can’t preside over a student council meeting one day and cheat on a physics test the next.

J-1: Character Counts Essay Contest-Joseph McMahon-Hanford West

J-2: Character Education-Triple Filter Test-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

J-3: Character is an Essential Competence-Michael Josephson-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

J-4: The Five Languages of Caring-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

J-5: Code of Ethics for Leaders-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

J-6: Reflection Box-Kevin Fairman-Ocean View HS

J-7: The Nature of Leadership-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

J-8: Characteristics of Leadership Discussion-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

J-9: Be Courageous-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

J-9a: Be Honest-

J-9b: Be Respectful-

J-9c: Be Accountable-

J-9d: Be Responsible-

J-9e: Develop Ethics-

J-9f: Develop Integrity-

J-9g: Develop Morals-

J-9h: Develop Passion-

J-9i: Develop Values-

J-9j: Attitude is Everything-

J-10: Four Agreements Book Review-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

J-11: Triple Filter Test-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS



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