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G) Encourage a culture of service

G) Encourage a culture of service . There is nothing better for self-esteem than doing something for someone else. And it could be argued that a student body with high self-esteem will be a student body with good attendance, behavior and grades. Besides that we want our students to leave high school and continue to give to others—our communities are counting on us. Fundraising for worthy causes might include CADA sponsors offering green products, T-shirts that help to give back as well as actual fundraising organizations like Red Cross and National Community Services, Inc. All of these sponsors and more can be found at: http://secure.cada1.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3460.

G-1: Adopt a Soldier Project-Denise Van Doorn-Bear Valley MS

G-2: Community Service Project Planning-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

G-3: List of Community Service Projects-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

G-4: School Service Planning Sheet-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

G-5: Children's Book Writing-Allison Gadeke-Sierra MS

G-6: Donation Letter-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

G-7: Community Service Database-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

G-8: Staff Appreciation Breakfast Flyer-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

G-8a: Staff Breakfast Invitation-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

G-9: Welcome Back Party for Staff-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

G-10: Staff Thank You Flyer-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

G-11: Community Service Log-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

G-12: Fish Philosophy Work Book-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

G-12a: Fish Book Brief Version-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

G-12b: Fish Book Skeleton-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS



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