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I) Communicate Clearly

I) Communicate Clearly. It is imperative that the administration provide a venue for activities directors to report to the staff—time at the staff meeting, bulletin space, all-school email capability…all of these will work. Student leaders need to understand the importance of clear communication—both in the form of advertising as well as the unspoken messages they are giving their peers. Creative, polished posters send a message that the event will be quality. Leadership students who are on task during class time and though their jobs afford them freedom to “goof off” they don’t, send the message to their fellow students and the teaching staff that what they are doing is important. Communication can make or break A-H above. CADA sponsors can help make communication easier for you and your students. Check out these sponsors at http://secure.cada1.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3460

I-1: Communication Thoughts-Janet Roberts-Chino Hills HS

I-2: Senior Activities Guide-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

I-3: Senior Checkout Form-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

I-4: Senior Checkout CSF Clearance-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

I-5: Application to Speak at Graduation-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

I-6: Staff Meeting Presentation-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

I-7: List of Senior Deadlines-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

I-8: Activities Brochure-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

I-8a: Athletics Brochure

I-9: Ten Tips for Clear Communication

I-10: Listening Activity

I-11: Coming Soon

I-12: Business Letter Writing-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

I-13: Thank You Letter Sample-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

I-14: Breaking Down the Walls Letter to Staff-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS



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