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H) Honor Diversity

H) Honor Diversity on your campus. It is our differences that make us more interesting and more powerful. Help your students to appreciate one another’s cultures, abilities (and disabilities) hobbies and interests. Diversity goes well beyond cultural diversity. Offering clubs that teach students about different cultures (an Asian club that teaches use of chop sticks, how to make sushi and the art of origami) is a good start. A multicultural celebration once a year can also help. However a culture that celebrates diversity is a powerful culture-builder and it’s a year-long process, it doesn’t happen with an annual food faire.

H-1: Honoring Special Education Students-Denise Van Doorn-Bear Valley MS

H-2: People-to-People day-Denise Van Doorn-Bear Valley MS

H-3: Diversity Poem-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

H-4: Unity Assembly-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

H-5: Diversity Week Activities

H-6: Multicultural Week - Things to Avoid

H-7: Multicultural Week - Things to do

H-8: Key Questions when planning Multicultural Week

H-9: Ideas for Themed Cultural Weeks

H-10: Circles of My Multicultural Self

H-11: The Depth and Breadth of Multicultural

H-12: Guideline for Setting Ground Rules

H-13: Active Listening-Student Fishbowl-Multicultural

H-14: Classroom Inclusion-Learning Needs

H-15: Barnga-Powerful Game Illustrating Diversity-Multicultural

H-16: Cultural Holidays-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

H-17: Diversity-Our Strength

H-18: Diversity Article Written For Leadership Magazine-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS



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