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C) Unite Your Campus

C) Unite your campus by providing common experiences that will give your students a universal language whether it is a homecoming rally, motivational speaker or a program like Teen Truth— an all-school activity will help build community and improve your school’s climate. CADA’s affiliates that provide these types of assembly experiences can be found at http://secure.cada1.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3460

C-1: Winter Sports Rally To-Do List-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

C-2: Day on the Green-Jack Ziegler-Douglass JHSC-4: Fall Sports Rally

C-3: Fall Sports Rally Agenda “Out of this World”-Janet Roberts-Chino Hills HS

C-3a: Fall Sports Rally Note to Participants

C-3b: Fall Sports Rally-Note to Coaches

C-4: Yellow Ribbon (Suicide Prevention) Week flyer-Kevin Fairman-Ocean View HS

C-5: The Pumpkin Splat-Denise Van Doorn-Bear Valley MS

C-6: Winter Games Rally-Lauretta Eldridge-Stockdale HS

C-7: All-School Assemblies-Mike Smith

C-8: 9-11 Lunchtime Memorial Assembly-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS

C-9: Assembly Expectations-Cindy Bader-Terra Linda HS



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